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Buying social media services is a controversial subject that has been going on for a while now. But let’s face the harsh reality. Every hour, there are more than 18,000 hours worth of videos uploaded to YouTube, making it hard for new YouTubers to stand out from the crowd. 

Taking that fact into account, wanting to buy YouTube subscribers makes total sense as it is one of the fastest ways to get your channel to the top. Will there be any consequences to this, though? Read on to find out!

The Importance of YouTube Subscribers

One of The Key Factors to Increase Your Channel Performance

Did you know the number of subscribers is one of the first things people look at to judge a channel? Having a decent number of followers means a higher chance of increasing your channel performance as it makes your YouTube look more legit in the eyes of people. 

Affects Your Ranking on The YouTube Platform

Have you ever wondered how to get your videos on the Recommended Videos or You May Also Like section? The key is to have a high ranking on YouTube and be recognized by YouTube algorithms.

In case you didn’t know, a video ranking can be understood as your ranked position shown to searchers when they look for a keyword on any platform, and in this case, YouTube. For instance, as a website owner, you would want your website to be in the top 10 results on Google whenever people look for a related keyword to your content on their browser. Being on the first Google page increases the chances of people clicking on your site a lot more than when you’re on the second or third page.

The same thing is applied when your videos rank higher on YouTube. This is because YouTube algorithms only suggest the most related videos to the keyword users look for, and videos from channels with more subscribers tend to be favored.

Perks of Buying YouTube Subscribers

So, what are the perks of buying YouTube subscribers? Below are some of the utmost benefits your channel will get when buying YouTube subscribers.

Buying Subscribers Help Get YouTube Subscribers

Buying subscribers improve your social proof and credibility to a certain extent. Social media is all about the vanity metrics these days; the more subscribers you have, the more legitimate your channels look to the eyes of YouTube users, which gradually helps you get more and more subscribers every day.

Despite how cliché it may sound, nobody wants to be the first to anything, subscribers, or followers. By having a decent subscriber count, people are more likely to click on the ‘Subscribe’ button. Growing on an already-existed count has never been easier, with engaging and compelling content, of course!

There’s something you should know: regardless of the methods you’re using to attract more subscribers, you will always have to wait quite some time to have the number grown to your goal. Buying YouTube subscribers remove this hassle by providing instant subscribers in a short time, saving time and effort to help you focus more on your content.

Increase Your Ranking on YouTube

A large subscriber count also means your content is now recognized by YouTube algorithms, which only happens when your subscribers are legitimate and organically gained.

People spend too much time focusing on their content that they tend to forget one thing: good content and high-quality videos are necessary, yet not good enough to get you known and popular. A channel’s subscriber count is moderately correlated with rankings, and that’s based on facts.

In case you haven’t noticed, whenever you look for a keyword on the YouTube search bar, the platform always recommends you videos that are likely to be most related,



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